Saturday, October 13, 2012


In this life there are some things that drive you down so low where you wish you were dead, but death won’t take you. These are not just fears, but realities, they penetrate your soul. They are not simply tangible, but in fact you can hardly grasp the thought. You spend your life hoping, and wishing that you will never have to stand up to it. This thought where insanity lays waiting. When in the face of death you are maybe scared, but courage brings you to the fact where you can bear it. You are strong. And the doubt of death waiting outside the front door is conquered. This is because you know that it is not the terrible reality you are running from, but in fact an escape. We say a Hero is someone who has true courage, but who knew that this was not death, but entirely the risk of staying alive.    

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My mission

I am Nicole Roberts I am 17 years old. I understand what I need to be, and do in this world. I can be a leader and a follower. I am not embarrassed to stand for truth and righteousness. I go to an amazing church, with an amazing ward, and stake! I love my leaders, friends, and family! The world is falling apart around me, but if you will help me, and help others to lift the world out of chaos, immorality, pride, and ignorance we can indeed live in this world together in peace, prosperity, and love. God promised us that. And I believe it. I will be a mother some day. I will be a wife, and I hope I will live to be a grandmother. I will raise my children in righteousness. I will start now to prepare for those children to come. I will be an example to you, God as my witness I am going to do what is right. And I want YOU to hold me up to it. Ronald Reagan once said: 
"We are never defeated unless we give up on God." I wont give up. Will you?

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Beauty is kindness, Charity too,
and all those things we should not go and "Boo". 
T'is lovely and sweet, funny and neat,
with a perfect rhythmical beat.
Truly itself from head to toe
shows ALL the way just to let them know. 
Loves you even when it knows not why
makes you sort of want to cry.
Beauty cares for all that it see's
and wishes all to have those keys
it knows the truth,
and will never be uncouth.
It begs for your trust
and forever will be just.
So let beauty in
and it will beg you not to sin
and then someday you will know why
Beauty's joy makes you want to cry.

Lifes picture

Colors accenting each other makes a picture, a picture is just part of a story. There are many stories in a lifetime. And yet many of the most priceless moments are not captured. This is what makes them so amazingly priceless in my mind. those things we cannot see until we experience them for ourselves. Our life picture should be full of those things: The feeling of true friendship, love, charity, happiness, and all things that make beautiful shine through our lives making a marvelous painting on a canvas so big we do not know. We should make beautiful colors to paint with and learn through life continually painting the picture that someday we and our posterity will look back on. Make your picture great, make it beautiful. Instead of making it with over a thousand words make it so that words cannot describe its magnificence.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Becoming a woman of Christ

Yesterday I went to an amazing woman of Christ fireside. I was touched by those amazing speakers. One of which knows the prophet of God Thomas S. Monson pretty well and she actually wrote his biography and has done many things of that sort. I was so strongly prompted to become as him and listen to every prompting as soon as it comes.  I am going to be an example to all those around me. I am going to rise up and bring my friends and family with me. I am so happy for being able to live where I do, and know the people I know. I love my life, and I can't wait to be a mom and teach my children in righteousness and teach them to be people of Christ. I am so glad that I dont have to worry about hating people and holding grudges against them. I love people I know everyone is in fact a child of God and we are all heir to all of his blessings if only we repent, come unto him, and take upon us the name of Christ. I love you all with all my heart. I know that through Gods plan we all can be happy for eternity. I can say this because I know it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Poems and update

Okay I was thinking of this new year, and I have made some goals. Of course I have temporal ones like: stop biting nails, eating healthy, and exercising, but the ones that matter most are the mental and spiritual ones. I have decided that my thoughts need to be better, and I need to focus on the positive clean things rather than the negative unclean. And I am not going to be afraid of what others think, or even say about me. I am going to let my light shine forth. And I am not going to be scared to change and become better. my eternal progression depends on this. I am SO grateful I have so much good in my friends and family and also in my community. Happy New Year!!! hope I can see you all in the courts on high and I hope we all make the right decisions so we can be happy and smile together with our father in heaven him and also Christ and all the prophets and just think meeting Alma and all the prophets as well! Our faith, love, and endurance will get us their.

butterfly kisses and little lily hugs
                                                           daffodil's and daisy's give out all their loves

the flowers in the meadow with sunshine everywhere

say that they are happy when you visit there.

the sky sees you 
and knows who you are

lovers fly high in the sky

she knows your thoughts
your wants and your regrets
so does he
and they know who you ll be
the questions that we ask
are not simple at all
who is God?
and where will I fall?
will you go to heaven
or go down down down?
will you be a goddess
or the other way around?
the sky sees you
and knows who you are
they can number your tears
and can tell every smile
they know you
better than you do.

The world is not pleasant, 
nor peaceful,

but teaseful,

it's hard and unruly,
oh so very cruelly,
why is man not so calm?
why not learn from his mom?
for I am sure her lessons were well,
but he fought
as the good spirit taught,
and the wrong one worked,
even so as he jerked,
he could not learn from the right,
so he did very wrong,
and his mother died from her boy,
oh so strong.

My heart is not big enough:

My heart is big enough to hold you tight,

to act as a blanket through the night,

but sometimes it does not cover your toes,
or maybe it still might miss your nose,
it can protect you from most of the chill,
but may need some help from others still,
you cannot live from my heart alone,
but need yours and others as I have shown.

Being happy takes talent, 
being happy is a skill,
being happy is the way I am
and you cant change it still.
I love the way I walk and talk,
the way I sing and dance,
the way you look at me
when you know you ain't got a chance.
Why life and death are so serious,
only I would know the best.
Either I've got so much pride,
or I just want my life to glide.
My confidence is contagious,
or you wish 'cause its outrageous.
You can watch and grin
while I sit and spin.
I know what I'm doing
and you're not all worth shooing.
So just watch me roll
and then pay the toll.
Careful I might break your heart.
Although its not worth breaking.
there is a nice variety in my cart,
and its all mine for the taking.
Kisses aren't offered much,
unless you have the perfect touch.
Don't mess around with my luck,
cause you'll soon find out that you're stuck.
Love or hate you may say,
but I can tell either way.
Is it you who knows the path?
Or is it not me who really knows the math?
Skill and and talents what you'll find.
Well at least you know I made it rhyme.
 ~Perdy perfect me.

We have hands to hold on tight

two ears, but not to hear our loved ones fight
eyes to see the ones we need
lips to kiss the ones we miss
arms to hold on to our friends
legs to run when darkness never ends
spines to fight in times of need
mouths to speak when no one can
brains to think so we sound smart
hearts to share let no one part.

I see but cannot hear
yet the movement yells for me
It's enchantment spears my soul
And yet I feel my love yearn for it
Said I could be happy
Why tis lost in my heart?
Said it would not hurt
but the pain still lingers
The music lures me in
though the sound is not there
The voice is gone from mine ear
yet I know t'wood not waver
I feel the love of knowledge
I wish t'were not there
Where hast the sound gone?
Lost in the never ending waters.

A child cries,

a mother dies.

And life goes on.

The children sing,

the bells will ring.

Yes life goes on.

a young boy lies,

 a life of strife,

But life goes on.

A girl will cheat,

children beat.

Will life go on?

A newborn dies,

a world of lies.

Does life go on?

A book is read,

and shoes are tread.

Life does go on.


Everything has a purpose
and God knows it, true.
Although things feel hard,
we must endure it through.
Our trials we must fight,
for all things through Christ,
yes we must have that immortal might.
We CAN win our battle
with love from him, oh yes Jesus,
before the great and holy spirit leaves us.
Evil we can conquer,
but only through him,
who saved us from that eternal sin.

sometimes friends disappear, and you wonder where they are, and then when you ask there is no reply, to you life just stops and you wonder what went wrong, where they went, and why.
They are not just sitting by the phone waiting for your call as you do, you're wishing someone will take that time, like someone cares, I sit here doing nothing as I hear the wind whistle, and I wipe a tear and also a drop of sweat from my face because it is hot, but I cant seem to leave this place. Thinking about those fun times we used to have, but all at once its gone, I laugh then I cry, and all I seem to want to do is die.
again the tears roll, and I feel that sensation where I want to give up, but also try. I still love you, but now your gone, I care, but there is no one to tell how I feel, and somehow I can stand up again and fight my war, my battle for freedom from the thought, even though there is no place to go to be free from it I still try and my life goes on.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Journal entry

5-19-11, 5-20-11

    It has been a very spiritual time here in Nauvoo and I really love that! right now I am sitting out side on the shore of the Mississippi  and its 7:00 am. The birds, frogs and everything else is showing the sign of life. Right now mist is settling on the water and all the trees, grass, and flowers in full bloom are swaying in the slight breeze. There are gees flying over my head right now and are honking as they fly by.
     Everything is so beautiful, and luscious, and green. I love the humidity, Its not a desert like in Idaho, and its so nice. I used to think Idaho was so beautiful, but not now. The old houses and beautiful scenery bring out my imagination. I want to live here someday. Somewhere near this beautiful place.